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Key Takeaways

Electoral unhappiness and political fragmentation
Something is not right when markets react wildly and nervously to the vague utterances of a handful of men and women in the world who control the supply of money, none of whom are elected. All this has contributed to the growing electoral unhappiness and political fragmentation that we see around us.
China's economic potential
The shift from manufacturing to services and from investment-led growth to consumption-led growth is gradual but persistent, and one which is absolutely essential not only for China but for all of Asia and the world. Barring cataclysmic disruption, China is well on its way to becoming the world's biggest economy by mid-century.
Asia as the new economic centre of gravity
What is not in doubt is the progressive shift of the world's economic centre of gravity to Asia. In the coming decades, the current slack in global demand will be taken up by the growth in Asian consumption as middle classes grow. The danger is Asian consumption not growing fast enough to take up the global demand slack. There could be a financial crisis if this shortfall is not filled.

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