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Key Takeaways

Rise of populist sentiment
Why have so many people turned away and gone to different extremes? It is not that people are turning left or right notably, but they are turning outwards. I think that one of the reasons for this is not because people are anti-trade or even anti-globalisation; it is because they feel that trade has become less fair than it should. What they feel is not just that they have not been listened to and ignored in many of the values that they have, but also that they have been left behind.

Lord Peter Mandelson, Chairman, Global Counsel

Rise of nationalism
More and more people are saying we want to control our own destinies. The people who voted for Brexit were trying to send a message to the elites that they wanted to pull up the drawbridge and attempt to stay away from these things they could not change. This is going to get worse not better, with the rise of technology and a continued reliance on new ways to create jobs.

If you are in the Midwest of the United States or the West Country in England, you have an economic worry about the future and where those jobs are going to come from. The way voters are now looking at it is 'Let us walk away and stop being part of the global community'.

Jim Messina, President & CEO, The Messina Group and Co-Chair of Priorities USA Action

Impact of social media in US politics
The positive side of social media in US politics is that in all of my years in politics, social media is really the first thing I have seen that actually provides real campaign finance reform. It levels the playing field in allowing people to get across their messages in a much cheaper form and voters are going around traditional media to find out information and news.

Matt Rhoades, Founder and CEO, America Rising & Definers Public Affairs

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