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Key Takeaways

Indonesia's economic prospects
I think we will continue moving up towards a 6% handle on Indonesia's GDP growth. So we have gone from 4.6% to 5.2% today. Next year, in the budget we are being very conservative. We have a very technocratic, legendary Finance Minister now – Sri Mulyani – she is putting a target of 5.1% but I see every possibility of us being able to surprise on the upside.
Listening and talking to the people
I think we are definitely in trouble. We, the global elites, have lost or are rapidly losing the public's trust. One question is: are we finally going to listen? Ironically, for us to make it to survive, we need to become less technocratic, we need to become less smart, we need to start talking like normal people, like real people.
Humanising policy
One of my hopes is to humanise investment by telling stories and getting down to the stories of the person in the street and in the village. We have to balance the capital intensive industries which we absolutely need like steel and petrochemicals with the smaller investments that will inevitably create less impressive headlines numbers, in more labour intensive industries. Getting that mix right is a big policy priority for me and the economic team.

Video Highlights

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