14 - 15 September 2018

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

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Dialogue with Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education, Republic of Singapore

Keeping Singapore Refreshed and Vibrant

In the coming decades, competition is more likely to be between cities than countries. With more competitors, Singapore must double its efforts to remain on the leading edge. To enhance its infrastructure, the capacities of Singapore’s airport and seaport are being doubled. A new airport is being built in the East and a megaport in the West, and the relocation of container terminals in the city will lift the constraints to further expand the Central Business District. Three business districts are also being developed outside of the current Central Business District. 

Building New Economic Engines

With rapid technological advancement, the region – Southeast Asia, China, India – has become a booming market. The next phase of economic development involves a shift – from making things to creating things; from bringing in foreign direct investment to venturing out to the world and tapping into the vast markets outside the country. Singapore’s priorities lie in sustained investment in research and development, world class universities, one of the top intellectual property regimes in the world, a conducive living environment, a well-educated local talent pool, a well-regulated yet enterprise-friendly environment and a network of free trade agreements.

A Quiet Revolution in Education

With rapid technological advancements and industry disruptions, learning is part and parcel of life. Increasingly, human skills, including essential soft skills, carry a premium. There is a shift away from extensively rigorous academic teaching and assessments, towards applied learning, cultivating creativity and critical thinking. Singapore is entering a new era in education, reinventing the way it prepares its young for adulthood and beyond, and this is a long-term endeavour.

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