14 - 15 September 2018

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

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Plenary Session 1: The Shifting Business Landscape: Overcoming Disruptions in the Globalised World

Adapting and re-establishing balance amid the changing political order

The world is at an inflection point and there is a need to reintegrate societies in order to re-establish social peace and coherence globally. Structures and systems which can unleash new technology would triumph, making the ability to adapt quickly critical.  Existing political structures would evolve and societies which remained conservative would be trapped. Countries which could adapt quickly are more likely to succeed and there is a need for experimentation and innovation to arrive at a suitable political model.

Trade war presents new opportunities for global supply chain

Disruptions due to the trade war have created its own set of opportunities – companies that are capable of helping customers move their goods in the challenging environment, or anticipate new flows, would flourish. ASEAN could be a major beneficiary as more companies move to the region amid the rising tensions. The rise of the digital economy would contribute to promoting international trade, making e-commerce more important than ever.

China likely to emerge unfettered from the trade war

China is accustomed to disruption and would likely emerge successful from the stand-off with the US. China would be the single most important game-changer in the future, bringing its own set of risks, and new opportunities. The tension, which would force China to focus on developing indigenous deep technology, would in fact be beneficial for the country. This could result in better products, capabilities and the growth of new and stronger players from China.

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